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This has been such an extraordinary experience, and I am grateful for everything.

I know I was drawn to your program for a reason. Thank you for helping me find my heart again. My mat is a dear place to me, full of lessons for life. I’m grateful for the many things you’ve taught me and helped me realize.

Teacher Training was life changing for me. It caused me to dig deeper into who I am. Thank you for the opportunity.

Teacher Training with Jenn is transformational! I began training after having two knee surgeries within 5 months of each other and was looking for a way to help heal my body. I came to realize that I needed to heal more than just my body. Each class I gain new insights and learn new tools that help in healing my body, mind, and spirit. Jenn has provided a safe place of learning and sharing so that growth can occur without judgment. It has been an exciting journey and has given me hope and a fresh outlook on life.

My teacher training experience has been amazing so far, I honestly don't want it to end! It has been one of the best experiences for me, I only wish I had signed up sooner. I'm really happy that I chose to go to Infusion. The schedule worked perfectly for me and my family, and I liked that the course was spread out over the year. I wanted to be able to absorb all the information we cover instead of cramming it all in over a few short weeks. I started out not really knowing what to expect or how deep it would actually take me into myself. It's definitely a lot more than just going over the poses, which we also cover in great detail. The smallest adjustment can make all the difference in a pose. I really look forward to every weekend of training, Jenn and Lin are both fabulous teachers and compliment each other so well. We are given such valuable knowledge on each topic we cover; assisting, chakras, aruveyda, and how to structure a class were a few of my favorites. I've learned a lot and have been able to apply what we learn in class directly to my own life. My yoga practice has evolved greatly since I began the training, from just getting on my mat to move my body to now, where it is so much more spiritual. It has helped me heal, grow, and opened my eyes to a beautiful new lifestyle. I've made awesome new friends with the other students and I love being a part of the yoga community at Infusion. My time at the studio means so much to me and I always leave feeling very grateful for where I am in my life. I feel confident to go out into the world and start teaching what I've learned. This journey is all I hoped it would be and more.

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