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Infusion is more than just a Yoga and Pilates studio. It is a place for you to fall in love with all of who you are.

We offer a variety of mindful movement practices for all levels, ages, shapes, and sizes. When you join our studio, you are joining a community of heart centered people who are committed to honoring and valuing each other and the unique gifts we all have to offer.

If we had just one message to share with you, it would be that you are necessary, you make a difference, and you are worthy of love exactly as you are. At Infusion, we are committed to Kindness. Our studio is inclusive.

All are welcome here.

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  • This has been such an extraordinary experience, and I am grateful for everything.

    Mallorie H.

  • I know I was drawn to your program for a reason. Thank you for helping me find my heart again. My mat is a dear place to me, full of lessons for life. I’m grateful for the many things you’ve taught me and helped me realize.


  • Teacher Training was life changing for me. It caused me to dig deeper into who I am. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Debbie C.

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