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Jenn Peterson

Owner/ Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Jenn is the Proud owner of Infusion Yoga & Pilates as well as an E-RYT 500, Pilates Instructor, and a Licensed massage therapist specializing in Structural Integration. Jenn began her education in 2007 at Renaissance College of Massage Therapy thinking that she was only interested in the energy work. It was there that she began her deep fascination with the physical body, and all of it's miraculous abilities leading her to embark on to a life long exploration of functional movement and the mind, body, spirit connection. Jenn has been a student of yoga for the last 14 years and has been teaching yoga since 2009. The more she learned about the body in motion, the more she wanted to learn. Jenn completed her Pilates training with Corena Hammer at Infusion Yoga & Pilates in 2012 and has been teaching ever since. Jenn has a love and passion for exploring and teaching the mind, body, spirit connection that yoga and Pilates have to offer and the unmatched core strength and stability the combination of two provides. Jenn is also the Lead trainer of Infusion's Ryt 200 and 500 hr. Yoga teacher training. As much as Jenn loves to teach she will first and foremost always be a student of Yoga and Pilates. She maintains a strong personal practice with the belief that while studying, reading and researching are of the utmost importance, hands on tangible experience of personal movement and practice provides a level of growth and awareness that cannot be found in any book or online forum. She regularly takes classes from other teachers to gain insight into her own practice and shares what she loves, what she knows and what she believes to be of value with a heart full of gratitude. Infusion was the birth place of the Journey home to her heart. In May of 2015 Corena Hammer, Founder of Infusion Yoga & Pilates, was ready to let go of the reins of the studio and move on to new adventures leaving the studio in Jenn's hands. She has taken on this exciting adventure with a commitment to provide a empowering and supporting environment to each and every person that walks in the doors. Jenn Believe's that everybody deserves to find a place where they feel valued and welcomed and strives daily to provide that space for this sweet community.

Hayley Hanson

Pilates Instructor

Hayley has a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from Utah State University; Twenty years of dance and teaching experience; Seventeen years experience in the health and fitness industry; Stott Pilates certified instructor; Pilates Physicalmind Institute certified instructor; American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer; Aerobics and Fitness Association of America certified aerobic instructor; Body Pump and Body Step certified instructor; APEX certified personal trainer and nutritionist, and CPR certified.

Heather Ruttinger

Heather has a passion for natural healing and alternative therapies. She has 5 years experience with Reiki. She has been practicing Yoga on and off again for 6 years while trying to balance the demands of her career in heath services research with being a wife and mother of 6. Heather’s greatest area of interest in Yoga is the Chakra system. After looking at several training programs and trying one other program, Heather began RYT training at Infusion in September 2010. She is very excited to further her training and improve her technique while teaching. Heather loves that yoga creates a yoke between the spirit and the body. She loves to teach people how to calm their body so that their mind can receive insight. Heather always feels better after doing Yoga. She has more love to give to her family because she has given love to herself so that she is full and overflowing.

Jennifer Hart

Pilates Instructor

Jennifer graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ballet. She began teaching at the Clytie Adams School of Ballet in 1987. After several years, getting married, and having several children, she realized the importance of fitness. Participating in aerobics was something she thoroughly enjoyed and in 1997 she certified with AFAA and began teaching for The Pulse in Kaysville. Being interested in ballet and fitness, she was drawn to Pilates. In 2003, she received her Pilates Mat certification through Physicalmind Institute. She then furthered her education to incorporate Pilates Reformer training through Pilates Coach in 2004. Jennifer continues to teach ballet and has enjoyed teaching for Infusion since it first opened in 2003. She has been married to a wonderful husband for 17 years and has 3 sons who are getting too old too fast, but are her pride and joy!

Jules Janke

Yoga Instructor

I found yoga in 2003. I loved the way this particular “movement “made me connect with myself. I have always had body image & self love issues and this was unlike anything I’d ever tried before. Being an athlete my whole life, I was used to challenging myself and I was never afraid to sweat, this was different. In 2011 I was ready to learn more and completed my 500 hr certification with D’ana Baptise. I have continued learning this method with other power influenced trainings. I love attending master intensives; some favorites have been: Seane Corn, Bryan Kest and Mitchel Blier. I’m also a retreat “junkie” I think they’re essential to continue our evolvement and simply get out in nature and play. My practice has helped me accept and love myself, honor my body and find peace to deal with the intricacies of life. It’s amazing how hard that can be sometimes. In my classes, I love to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness, and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice. I seek to help others thrive in life by nurturing body, mind and soul and my hope is that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Julie Boam

Yoga Instructor

Julie likes to think that yoga found her. As a busy mother of three, life was leaving her frazzled and fatigued. She realized that she felt a disconnect between the to-do list that had to be tackled every day and the authentic person she really was at her center. Yoga was a heavensent way to consciously yoke the body and spirit as a whole, rather than two separate parts that don’t get to talk often enough. Her yoga mat has become a place to honor the blessing of being human, to let go of negative thoughts and patterns, and to be suffused with more clarity, acceptance and peace. Yoga has become an integral part of her life and she is honored to be able to share it with others. Julie completed the teacher training program at Infusion with Corena Hammer. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Weber State University. She enjoys reading, writing, singing and hiking.

KaLin Hodges

Pilates Instructor

I didn’t do much in the form of exercise until I turned 30 and had 3 boys to chase. As my family grew (stopping at 5…), I realized I needed to be healthy to take care of them. I began trying many different options in the exercise world, running, biking, weight lifting, cardio classes, or any new trend that came along, to get myself into shape. I immediately saw the benefits, but none of the different options were holding my attention for long. A personal trainer told me that I would eventually find the exercise that would strike a ‘balance’ for me. I joined Infusion, fell in love with the yoga and mat pilates classes and couldn’t wait to try the reformer! After the first class I was fascinated by the connection that is made with the mind and body through pilates and the challenge the reformer brought to me. Everything comes together when your core is the source of strength in exercising. I had found the exercise for me! Pilates practice is the perfect format for your body to lengthen, strengthen and tone. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to train from Corena on the reformer, and become a teacher doing something that can strengthen others and myself along the way. I love a good, challenging class and learning something new with each class I take or teach. Its great to be a part of the team here at Infusion.

Kara Munford

Pilates/Yoga Instructor

I first heard of Pilates from a friend. I Googled it when I got home, I found Infusion and of course Corena. That is how it all begins. I started Mat Pilates and was soon enticed to try the Reformer tables. I was terrified of them, I could barely do the mat exercises and this looked harder. But, after just a few sessions I was hooked. I no longer needed to go to the gym. I could feel myself getting stronger internally.I was actually 1.5 inches taller, and I no longer walked with turned out feet. THIS is amazing!!! In 2008 Infusion was offering a Reformer Certification through Kim Lee (Madonna’s Trainer), so I jumped at the chance to learn more. He was amazing! After completing the certification and the teacher training I started teaching. I fell in LOVE! I can’t quite describe the feeling of excitement when a client completes an exercise their body has never allowed. I also soon discovered that I like to push clients to do just a little more, work just a little harder. I really like clients to think of Me the next day!

Lin Steffey

Yoga Instructor

Lin is a lifelong student of movement and energy. In yoga asana she discovered a magnificent melding of mind, body and spirit – a divine dance of the heart. Each time Lin shows up on her mat, the practice teaches her something new about herself. Lin’s teaching style blends clear and concise alignment, poetry and sacred texts, artful expression and playful exploration. She strives to create classes where students connect to their inherent beauty, strength, divinity and grace. Lin’s primary teachers include Bob Hoffa, Matt Newman and Jami Larson. She has also had the honor of studying with Dharma Mittra, Sianna Sherman, KK Ledford, Jason Lobo, Desiree Rumbaugh, Noah Maze, and Rod Stryker. She is deeply grateful to all her teachers for their insight, wisdom and generosity.

Lindsey Terry

Yoga Instructor

Lindsey grew up in the mountains above Salt Lake City, Utah. Spending her childhood in nature she always searched for a deeper level of understanding. Lindsey studied American Sign Language Interpretation at Salt Lake Community College in 2003. Over the last 15 years she has worked with the recovery community, teaching her compassion and an appreciation for each day. Between children and married life, yoga has reconnected her to a deeper level of herself, discovering that deep understanding that she always searched for as a child. Yoga has helped Lindsey find that inner peace, beauty, and strength that is the essence of who she is. The greatest gift yoga has given her is the rediscovery of her authentic self and the ability to share that with others.

MaryBeth Hall

RYT 200 MaryBeth has been practicing yoga since 2005. She received her 200 hr. Yoga Alliance Certification through Infusion. She began her teacher training in 2008 and started teaching at that same time. “I originally started my yoga journey as a natural way to heal my back pain after having children. Right away there was a significant reduction with my back issues, but more importantly, I experienced a huge reduction with my stress level. I felt more connected to myself and experienced a sense of peace that I had not felt in a very long time. I chose to become a yoga teacher as a way to pass it forward. I want to share yoga with everybody because every”body” can do yoga. As a nurturing teacher, my focus for the student is staying connected to breath, unlocking subtle energy blocks in the body, while connecting mind, body and spirit.” MaryBeth enjoys spending time with her family and being outside connecting to nature while working in their yard and garden. She and her family enjoys snowboarding, hiking, camping and swimming at Bear Lake or just taking lazy Sunday afternoon strolls.

Mallorie Donovan-Harpster

Yoga Instructor

Yoga is my love and passion. It is my sanctuary, my teacher, my guide to my awareness. Yogas has brough me mindfulness, self love and a self acceptance I have never known and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Teaching yoga is a dream come true for me. It is my way of being of service to those who are seeking themselves; just as I am.

Sheri Widerburg

Yoga Instructor

Sheri took her first yoga class in 2002 while she was completing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Utah. She immediately felt a connection with the practice and philosophy of yoga. She felt like this was the way her body was meant to move and found that the breath and meditative aspects of the practice calmed and focused her as she juggled a full-time career with being a full-time student, wife and step-mother. Sheri has a deep desire to share the gift of yoga with others and to support them in finding the healing and peace that can be accessed through the practice. Sheri hopes to make a yoga practice accessible to people with all body types and all levels of physical abilities. Sheri completed her 500 hour RYT certification at Infusion Yoga and Pilates in Bountiful.

Patti Ellis

Pilates Instructor

My name is Patti and I have been involved in pilates and yoga for over 10 years. I was a gym rat for most of my adult life and turned to Pilates when I felt like i needed a true core workout. I certified with Corena Hammer, Kim Lee, and Balanced Body Pilates Systems. I’ve also participated in several yoga retreats and yoga certification classes to better help my students develop a mind body connection. I love the Bountiful community and enjoy being a mother of three wonderful children..

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